About Us

On a mission to make healthy playful
At KALEIDO, we look at food through another lens and celebrate taste & goodness. We are on a mission to
make healthy PLAYFUL.

We reinvent the most boring but the healthiest food of all: the salad.
Salads should be fun to eat and foodies have also the right to eat healthy. So we’ve created KALEIDO Salad rolls:
the new generation of salads.

Our salad rolls remind us a kaleidoscope, this clever toy from our childhood: a tube full of colors, beautiful shapes and endless combinations.

We believe eating well is about being a bit clever: remove the unnecessary & add lots of good stuff! We design smart products that are surprisingly simple, tasty & good for you.

KALEIDO adds magic into our lives thanks to simple but smart food twists. Our most popular product is our salad rolls; a twist on traditional Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls.

Healthy for real people
No matter if you ate a burger or drunk too many beers last night, we know this is real life. We are inclusive and appreciate some people want ‘free from’, while others want ‘full of… without the guilt’

Whether this is gluten free, vegan, flexitarian, low in calories or high in proteins, we accommodate any kind of diets as long as quality, taste and pleasure are satisfied. We believe in healthy food for ‘real people’.

Our rainbow makers are real people
When we created KALEIDO, we had no experience in hospitality and we have been shocked by how tough this industry is. The number of hours people work, how people are treated, the constant pressure. We are convinced we can build a sustainable food business where team members are actually happy to come to work every day. We believe everyone needs a work-life balance, deserves to be respected and enjoys a bit of fun at work.

Radical Transparency What you see is what you get! We believe in a world where we could buy prepared food knowing that it contains no nasty, has been made in good conditions, and costs a fair price. ‘Radical transparency’ already exists in other industries such as clothing and KALEIDO aims to bring it to the food industry. KALEIDO aims to be as transparent as possible and communicate clearly on what is in the product, how it was produced, who produced it and when.

We care about our planet & children – We try to buy locally as much as possible – Our recipes are favouring vegetables over meat and dairy products, which is friendlier environmentally – Most of our herbs are supplied locally, many of which are vertically grown in South London – We aim to get a fully compostable packaging by H1’19

Bonjour, I am Laura!
I am 30 and I live in London with my husband Denis. I am an awarded marketer with 8 years experience in the world largest food & beverage companies… So believe me, I know how tough it is for people to remain healthy with all those delicious treats around!

In May 2017, I resigned to launch KALEIDO Salad rolls and change life. I worked in a healthy fast-food for 2 months and did an intensive Nutrition in Practice accreditation at Leiths School of Food and Wine.

Everything started with a £30 John Lewis voucher my husband & I spent on rice paper sheets, prawns, noodles & coriander to make the traditional Vietnamese summer rolls (aka Gỏi cuốn).

While rolling, I told him it would be an amazing idea to wrap any salad with rice paper so that you could eat it like you would eat a sandwich. We got excited, he encouraged me to resign from my corporate job and make it happen.

And here we are now, transforming salads into magical tubes packed with brightly coloured goodness! We like to call our product 'salad rolls' or 'salad-sandwich' instead of rice rolls because we want to use a variety of wrappers. We’ve fallen in love with this idea because we felt it was a playful, innovative, simple & clever way to eat healthy, offering a multisensory experience! Denis & I are real people and we just want exciting healthy food that suit today’s world.