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A KALEIDO is a salad wrapped into a thin & transparent rice paper that is only 30 calories and gluten free. This is what excited us; what you see is what you get!

Rice Paper is a very popular way to eat fresh and healthy in Vietnam. Our recipes are full of flavours from around the world. 

What if eating a salad was as satisfying as eating a sandwich or a burger? Imagine a salad you could eat without a fork. What if you could even dip your salad?

KALEIDO is the best from the salad, sushi and sandwich worlds.

Our Kaleidos

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* May contain gluten, dairy, fish, sesame, soy, nuts, peanuts, celery, mustard, sulphites. Our Kaleidos are prepared in premises that handle eggs. In case of allergy, please contact us at hello@kaleidorolls.com

At Kaleido we love to innovate!

Like a Kaleidoscope, combinations of shapes, colours and flavours are endless!

Share with us your dream KALEIDO!

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