Mixed Assortment – Large 5 rolls

1 Kaleido Aubergine In Tamari
1 Kaleido Sweet Potato & Tahini
1 Kaleido Feta & Pesto
1 Kaleido Chicken Caesar
1 Kaleido Salmon & Cream Cheese

Comes with Squeezed Lemon & Olive Oil Dips, Comes with Tahini Sauce


Aubergine: Rice paper (rice, tapioca, water, salt), aubergine, tamari (soy, spirit vinegar), sesame seeds, chili, spring onion, sesame paste (may contain peanuts, nuts, pistachios, almonds), sesame oil, lime, micro coriander (may contain mustard), carrot, rocket, baby spinach, rice noodle, agave syrup, rice vinegar (sulphur dioxide),garlic, salt

Feta: Rice paper (rice, tapioca, water, salt), feta cheese (milk), basil, sundried tomato, olive oil, quinoa, green pea, sunflower seeds, lemon, nutritional yeast, carrot, rocket, baby spinach, sunflower oil, garlic, herbs, pepper, vinegar, salt

Smoked Salmon : Rice paper (rice, tapioca, water, salt), smoked salmon (fish), dill, lemon, lime, cucumber, beetroot, cream cheese (Milk), Pepper, horseradish, Rice Noodle, Rocket, Baby Spinach, vinegar, salt

Chicken Caesar : Rice paper (rice, tapioca, water, salt), free range egg, free range chicken, anchovy (fish), rocket, baby spinach, parmigiano reggiano (milk, salt, rennet), chickpea water, sunflower oil, lemon juice, pepper, mustard (mustard seeds, spirit vinegar, salt, citric acid), vinegar (sulphur dioxide)

Sweet Potato : “Rice paper (rice, tapioca, water, salt), sweet potato, red onion, micro parsley (may contain mustard), sesame paste (may contain nuts, peanuts, pistachios, almonds), carrot, rice noodle, rocket, baby spinach, chili flakes, sunflower oil, lime, garlic, salt, black pepper. ”

Contain : sesame, soy, dairy, fish, egg, sulphur dioxyde, mustard


*May contain : gluten, nuts, peanuts, celery, crustacean

Per BoxPer 100g
Protein (g)29-
Carbs (g)73-
Fat (g)38-
Fibre (g)9-
Calcium (%)7-
Iron (%)13-